Mash Bath


The Aerne Analytic Mashbaths are used for the implementation of the Kongress- and Hartong method as well as for a variety of free adjustable customized tests. The bath is equipped with five preinstalled programs (out of a possibility of 45), a digital display field, stainless steel containers, exchangeable whisks, a cold water connection with drain cock and draw off taps. The device assures because its made of polypropylene which makes an ideal heating insulation and furthermore it creates a space saving design. The highest stability of the welds endure variable temperatures. Standard mashbaths are available with four, eight or twelve mash cups. It can also be produced by Aerne Analytic in special sizes. The mashbaths can be used in laboratories because of their possibility to clean the surface sterile. Mashbaths are also available with a temperature sensor (cup sensor) in one reference cup. 

Technical Data:

Housing: Polypropylene (PP) white
Control: Foil keyboard
Controller: Multifunctional controller
Programs: 5 pre-installed and 45 free Programs to choose
Heater: Stainless steel
Measurer Glasses : with rounded Bottom
Connectors: Cold water with drain valve and overfill protection


Order Details:
Part: Order-No. Number of Probes   Performance Watt/ mains connection    
Mash Bath with 4 Probes AEMB 4 4   1950/ 230V    
Mash Bath with 8 Probes AEMB 8 8   3850/ 3x400V-N-PE    
Mash Bath with 12 Probes AEMB 12 12   5750/ 3x400V-N-PE    
Cup sensor Option AEMB/BF        



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