Waterbath Chemietherm

Waterbath Chemietherm



The Aerne Analytic Chemietherm is used for heating up acids or leaches. The stability against chemical addings characterises the housing made from polypropylene. The electronic control is placed in another housing and is connected to the waterbath with a pipe. Thus the waterbath can be used under a fume cupboard while the control units are located outside of the critical area. There are only agains corrosion protected components shored in the useable space. The Chemietherm is appropriated for the seam dissolution test to survey tetra pak packagings and for diverse applications in the electroplating shop. 


Technical Data:

Casing: Polypropylene (PP) white Material strength 10 mm
Operation: extern, keypad
Controller: Microprocessor control
Temperature Range: 10°C to 85°C + / – 0.3°C  (depending on model) minimum temperature depending on ambient temperature
Setting range: 10°C bis 99°C 
Safety: Switch-off in event of water shortage
Heating element: PTFE coated Heater 700 Watt
Power Supply: 230 VAC


Order Details:
Payload dimensions in cm LxBxH   Performance Watt   Order-No.
23x23x19   700