Incubator Penzym

Incubator Penzym for Chr. Hansen-Test

Thermoblock/Inkubator Penzym für CHR.Hansen-Test



The procedure of inhibitor tests for milk analysis is one of the essential process steps for the quality assurance in the dairying. Test laboratories and farmers use the efficient quick test for their analysis to evaluate the today’s high safety standards in this industry. The operating mode of this heating instrument embraces the constant tempering and incubation of the milk test. The Aerne Analytic incubators are equipped with aluminium heating units and an analogue/ digital temperature control.

Technical Data:

Control: Microprozessor
Number Drillings: 10 conic
Temperature: 47,50C +/- 0,10C
Time: Timer 1: 5 Minutes Timer 2: 10 Minutes
Power Supply: 230 VAC, 24 VDC, 12 VDC
Dimensions (base): 160x100x60 mm
Weight: 0,8 kg
Order Details:
Digital: Order-No.     Analog: Order-No.  
230 Volt P10-230D     230 Volt P10-230A  
12 Volt P10-12D     12 Volt P10-12A  
24 Volt P10-24D     24 Volt P10-24A  


Part: Order-No.  
Transferpette 10 ul Fix TF10  
Transferpette 10 ul Fix TF50  
Transferpette 100 ul Fix TF100  
Reactors 500 Pcs. 0760  
Pipette tips yellow 1000 Pcs. 0132  
Pipette tips white 200 Pcs. 1350  
Digital reference Thermometer DK150  
Stand for Reactors ST20