Juice Centrifuge Type SZ-2000



The Aerne Analytic Juice Centrifuge is used in the food industry for the determination of the portion of the pulp of fruit in juices. Especially for food makers the Juice Centrifuge is a necessary instrument that is used in many laboratories for the quality assurances. The centrifuge is made of PCV and equipped with a sieve to collect the pulp of fruit.

Technical Data:

Material: Casing PVC white/Cylinder PVC grey
Dimensions/mm: LxWxH (total height) 200x200x270 Cylinder diameter: 200 mm
Rate of revolutions: Controller 0 TPMapprox. 1500 TPM Timer 0 – 24 hours.
Power supply: 230VAC – 50/60 Hz


Order Details:
Part: Order-No.  
Juice Centrifuge SZ-2000 complete with Sieve SZ 2000  
Sieve, Diameter 170 mm Height 60 mm Sieb  


Mojonnier Centrifuge Type Ex. 8


For the determination of fat in milk, suitable for 8 Mojonnier Sweep tubes. Centrifuge with explosion protected control in pressure casing to be used in exprotection areas.

Technical Data:

Casing: Polypropylene (PP), white
Dimensions LxWxH/mm: 450x450x420
Centrifugal bath: Aluminium incl. 8 clasps for Mojonnier sweep tubes
Lid: ESG Safety glass
Motor: Alternate squirrel cage rotor
Power supply: 3×380-N-PE
Order Details:
Part: Order-No.  
Mojonnier Centrifuge Type Ex.8 EXZM.8