Multifunctional Incubator

Multifunctional Incubator



The Multifunctional Incubator, which is made from white polypropylene, is used for culture of bacteriums or yeast cultures, for example for the dairying. The incubator works with an individual program for the temperature and time (pasteurisation, incubation, cooling), an adjustable agitator with lifting column that is speed-controlled and adjustable for height, and a recording of the process through a writer. The range in which the pasteurisation temperature can be adjusted is between 10°C and 99°C. The Multifunctional Incubator can also be produced in customised variations. 


Technical Data:
Housing: Polypropylene (PP) white; Material Thickness: 10 mm
Control: Jumo Control IMAGO 500 incl. pH-Control and Process Recording
Programs: up to 50 Programs
Temperature Range: Pasteurization Temperature 10°C + 99°C
Pasteurization Time: 1 min. to 100 hours incubation Temperature 10°-60°C
Maturation Time: 1 min. to 100 house chilling 10° + 40°C automatic saving of Paramter
Water Intake: Gland 1⁄2 Zoll
Heater: Chrome nickel steel
Hub- and Agitator: Individual adjustable and drive regulated /height adjustable
Circulating Pump: 15 l/min.
Power Supply: 3~400/N/PE 16A
Culture Container: from Chrome nickel steel with lid and mixer
Mother Culture Bottle: Labor Bottle ( Duran )
Stand: square-type tube 25×25 mm, V2A


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