Suspended Thermostat

Suspended Thermostat Eurostat II

Einhängethermostat Eurostat
The Suspended Thermostat Eurostat II of Aerne Analytic is used for heating-up and tempering different fluids in bath tanks. The thermostat is fixed on the rim of vessel with a clamp and is fused against dry heating or overheating by a float switch. The Eurostat II is easy to use by a membrane keyboard. An automatic shut-off occures if there is water shortage or a sensor breaks. Furthermore a circulation is provided by a rotor in the medium. The Eurostat II is built by white polypropylene because of its very high resistance to heat. The heating element is of chrome nickel steel.

Technical Data:

Casing: Polypropylene (PP) white
Temperature controller: 20 + 95°C +/- 0,5°C
Operation: Keypad
Stirring Drive:
Shaded pole/asynchronous 14 watt
Heating: Chromium nickel steel/ 1000
Safety: Overheating protection
Switch off at: Sensor break-down, Less Water
Power supply: 230 VAC


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