Underwater Agitator

 Underwater Agitator for Butyrometers



The Aerne Analytic Underwater Agitator is used for an equal intermix of samples in butyrometers at a constant temperature. It works with high precision and safety standards. The agitator can be inserted in waterbaths that have an effective space of 39x25x20cm or 30x15x20cm. The housing of the Underwater Agitator is made of white polypropylene. It is equipped with an induction motor (shaking 200 UPM). Also in the product range of Aerne Analytic are a multitude of devices for a very precise handling of butyrometers to analyse fat. 

Technical Data:

Casing: Material Polypropylene (PP) white
Drive: Induction motor/ Agitating motion 200 TPM
Dimensions: Length 38.7 cm x width 11 cm x height 19 cm
Power Supply: 230 VAC/15 Watt


Order Details:
Part Order-No.
for 18 Butyrometers scale facing upwards UWSE 18