Syringe Warmer

Syringe Warmer



The Aerne Analytic Syringe Warmer is applied to warm up syringes filled with baby food, medicine, etc. to a preset temperature quickly. The device is optional available with a timer. The set temperature can be programmed to values up to 75°C. The Syringe Warmer is available for a multitude of syringe types and sizes. Through the constant warming and the pre-installed adjustments the handling is easy and the daily routine in laboratories and medical practices is a relief. Syringes can be tempered exactly and be used without another checkup. The device can also be produced customized for other types of syringes or temperatures.

Technical Data:

Ambient Temperature: +5°C … +40 °C
Temperature:  37°C (other target temperatures  programmable)
Humidity: Maximum relative humidity 80 % for temperature up to 31°C, linear decreasing down to 50 % relative humidity at temperature of 40°C
Qty. of Syringe: 6
Syringe Type: Braun 5ml/ Luer solo
Protection class: SK I
Protection System: IP 40
Performance:  30 Watt
Power Supply:   230V
Order Details:
Part Order-No.  
Syringe Warmer for 6 syringes of Type Braun 5ml/ Luer solo 6B-ENT-230D  




“The Aerne Analytic syringe warmer relieves the daily doctor’s office a lot. The handling is very easy because of its constant warming and its inevitable adjustments. Syringes can be used exactly tempered and without anew control.”