Fruit Incubator


Fruit Incubator

Our Fruit Incubator can be used for formulation or evaluation of fruit or Quality Control. With this device you are able to heat Marmelade or Fruit Compote fast inside the water bath. A stainless steal Container with a capacity of 5l and Food-Certification can be fixed. At the dairy industry this device is used to make yogurt or biological populations, too. For best working with this device it has got a drain valve and a overflow outlet as Standard.

Technical Data:

Housing: Polypropylene (PP) white; Material thickness 10 mm
Control: Foil Keyboard
Temperature zone: 10°C bis 95°C + / – 0,3°C
Saftey Shutdown on Overheating, broken sensor or water shortage
Power: 230 VA
Container: Stainless Steel V4A with Food-Certifikate
Output: 2000 Watt
Water Bath effective space: 40 x 36 x 21 cm


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