Magnetic Stirrer Waterbath

Magnetic Stirrer Waterbath

Magnetic Stirrer Water Bath


The Aerne Analytic Magnetic Stirrer Waterbath is basically used for cooking or dissolving of mediums in the microbiology. The instrument is equipped with two magnetic stirrers that can be adjusted continuously. The lid is intended for two bottles with ISO threads for each two or rather five liters, depending on the type. The waterbath is used with a microprocessor controlling by a keypad. The Magnetic Stirrer Waterbath guarantees an extra high security with its automatically switch off at overheating, sensor break or water shortage. The waterbath is available in series in two differenz sizes. It can be produced customised in special sizes.

Technical Data:

Casing: Polypropylene (PP) white Material strength 10 mm
Operation: Keypad
Controller: Microprocessor control
Speed governor: 0 bis 600 R/Min
Temperature Range: 10°C to 95°C + / – 0,3°C  (depending on model) minimum temperature depending on ambient temperature
Setting range: 10°C bis 99°C 
Safety: Switch-off in event of overheating, sensor break-down, water shortage
Heating element: Chromium nickel steel
Power supply: 230 VAC


Order Details:
Payload dimensions in cm (LxWxH) Number of laboratory flasks Performance Watt Order-No.
36x20x21 2 x 2 liter
45x25x28 2 x 5 liter
77x24x12 6 x 1 liter
36x52x21 6 x 2 liter 3050 MRWB 6x2L
45x65x28 6 x 5 liter 3050 MRWB 6x5L
45x45x28 4 x 5 liter 3050 MRWB 4x5L
36x36x21 4 x 2 liter 3050 MRWB 4x2L