Series Waterbath

Series Waterbath for ex-protection areas

Series Water Bath


The Aerne Analytic Series Waterbath for exlosion-proof areas are used for extraction or destillation with ether or other inflammable mediums. The heating occurs indirectly by a circulator which is positioned outside of the danger area. The Series Waterbaths of Aerne Analytic are equipped with openings for round or flat-bottomed flasks with removable caps, support rods, clamps and a control dial thermometer. Series Waterbaths can be produced in differenz sizes and custom specifications.

Technical Data:

Casing: Polypropylene (PP) white Material strength 10 mm
Heating medium: Water
Heating element: nickel-plated copper coils
Scope of supply: Series waterbath with drillings for round or flat bottom flasks, removable Covers, support rods 750 mm long, special round clamps display reference
For heating we recommend:
Revolving Bath Extern Model 1P or Model 2P
Order Details:
Series Water Bath for Round bottom flasks250 ml
Lenght x Width/mm Order-No.
4 Pcs. 505 x 200
6 Pcs. 750 x 200
8 Pcs. 1005 x 200
10 Pcs. 1255 x 200
RWB 10