Shaker Water Bath

Shaker Waterbath for butyrometers

Shaker Water Bath

Shaker Water Bath with 3 supports a 12 drillings for butyrometers::

  • high precision
  • high safety standard
  • available with revolution pump

Technical Data:

Casing: Polypropylene (PP) white Material strength 10 mm
Operation: keypad
Controller: Microprocessor control
Temperature Range: 10°C bis 95°C + / – 0,3°C  (depending on model) minimum temperature depending on ambient temperature
Setting range: 10°C bis 99°C 
Safety: Switch-off in event of overheating, sensor break-down, water shortage
Heating element: Chromium nickel steel
Power supply: 230 VAC
Drive for support: Induction motor 15 watt
rotation moving: 200 RPM


Order Details:
Payload Dimensions in cm LxBxH Number Butyrometers Performance/ Watt Order-No.  
33×22,5×25 3 x 12 2000 AETSWB  
Water Bath Eurotherm II        
Stand /pcs.     Stativ