Mojonnier Agitator

Mojonnier Agitator


The Aerne Analytic shaker devices for mojonnier tubes are used to determinate the fat in the milk. The shakers are designed to shake the mojonnier tubes equally. The user defines the time of shaking. The device must be used in a dry laboratory area. The housing is made of PVC and is equipped with a digital display. An induction motor drives the shaker.

Technical Data:

Casing: PVC white
Drive: Induction motor / Agitating motion 100 TPM. Joints running in ball bearings
Dimensions/cm: Device without agitating top
LxWxH 30 x 26 x 27
Control: electronic with digital Display
Power supply: 230 VAC/15 Watt


Order Details:
Part Order-No.
for 4 Mojonnier tubes MSM 4  
for 6 Mojonnier tubes MSM 6  
for 8 Mojonnier tubes MSM 8