Foil Cutter

Foil Cutter


The Aerne Analytic Foil Cutter is used to cut film strips in exactly the same sizes. The strips are used for quality assurances in the film manufacturings. By means of for example tensile tests the suitability can with the help of a stress-strain diagram be analysed and determined. The cutter works with a ball bearing slide and its hardened cutting blades can be used multiple by reversing them. The Foil Cutter is produced in serial-production to cut four, five or eight films with a width of 15mm and a length of 200mm.

Technical Data:

Cutter with clamping device for foil. Carriage running in ball bearings. Cutting knife can be turned and used four times. Strip length: 200 mm


Order Details:
Part: Order-No.  
Foil Cutter for 4 stripes at 15mm FSG 4  
Foil Cutter for 5 stripes at 15mm FSG 5  
Foil Cutter for 6 stripes at 15mm FSG 6  
Customized Dimensions on Request!

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